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Springtime flowers: a treat for the senses

February 7th, 2018 by Stephen Riggin

our red camillia

We’re getting excited to see all the springtime flowers, especially the new bulbs we buried last fall. They are poking up their green leaf tips, tantalizing and mysterious, hiding what they have in store. We already have lots of irises waiting to rise, but I like all the different daffodils and narcissi, especially as they are fragrant and bright. So, I planted 100 of them, all over the garden.

Springtime Red Camellia

The red camellia outside our backdoor has already started budding. What a magnificent shrub that is: evergreen and so prolific with its blooms that it grabs your attention like no other. Many of our guests think it must be a rose bush as its flowers are so pretty, and it has dark, glossy green foliage, but there are no thorns on a camellia and it doesn’t need pruning. If you buy one you should plant it where it doesn’t catch the morning sun – it needs time to wake up slowly.

In amongst the camellias we have these little bobbly pink and white flowers and I don’t know what they are. Can any of you tell me because I’d love to get some more?

Springtime Magnolia

mystery flowersPink Magnolia tree in full bloomNow I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the magnolia will be allowed to keep its blossoms a bit longer this year. Last year we had a wicked freeze and then strong winds that blew the springtime flowers straight off before I had time to blink. This photo is from the previous year, when it looked just like a big puffy cloud. When we lived in New York we had a wonderful dogwood tree that looked just like it, but with much daintier flowers and a more spreading habit.



Springtime Wisteria

Wisteria greeting our guests as they walk down the path And then there’s our wisteria, so fragrant and pretty during April and May that it’s worth all the pruning I have to do for the rest of the year. Wouldn’t it be lovely to just let it run wild! It is a haven for the birds who love to nest in it, which curtails my pruning activities somewhat. Our wisteria covers the pathway from the car park to the back door so everyone who comes to see us is treated to the fabulous perfume. Then, when they come in, they are treated to the wonderful aroma of my cookies! Check our availability and come and see/smell/taste for yourself!










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