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Valentine’s Day.

January 26th, 2018 by Stephen Riggin


Valentines Day. From Rome to Solomons Island

Valentine’s Day has clear links to early Romans, but it was the British and French who brought it over the Atlantic in its current tradition. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, why not spend Valentine’s Day at Solomons Victorian Inn. Its European connection makes it the perfect place to relax, soak in the water views and visit one of our excellent local restaurants. Also check out Anne Marie Gardens for their stunning indoor art gallery. Take a romantic stroll through the grounds and enjoy the many art installations. It’s a magical experience that celebrates both art and nature.


Have you ever thought why we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

It seems that it all began with Saint Valentine from early Roman times. Emperor Claudius II had decreed his soldiers should remain single. Saint Valentine ignored this and secretly married young lovers. Unfortunately, he was executed for his romantic vision.

Later, Roman priests began a festival called Lupercalia to commemorate Valentine’s death. It was celebrated in the middle of February when the local women would put their names in a giant urn. Men would pick out a name and become paired for a year. Hard to imagine these mass blind dates ever leading to a good outcome, but some actually married as a result! The festival was eventually decreed un-Christian. It was not until the Middle ages in France and England that this day became associated with romantic love.

Skip forward to the Renaissance period and we see the beginning of secret Valentine greetings. The Europeans brought their custom, of giving secret cards and roses to the object of their affections, to the USA in the 1700’s.


From Rome to Solomons Island!

We would love our historic inn to be a part of your story on a very special day. You can book a room by clicking check availability or calling the inn at 410 326 4811


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