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Foodie Paradise on Solomons Island, MD

June 6th, 2017 by Stephen Riggin

restaurant-blog-flatFoodie Paradise

If there is one thing that we are justly proud of, it would be the quality and variety of restaurants on Solomons Island, all within walking distance of Solomons Victorian Inn, which makes us the foodie paradise of Southern Maryland. Our Bed and Breakfast is located on the tip of Solomons Island, overlooking the Marina, with great views for all our guests. We are happy to be able to recommend so many excellent restaurants for evening and lunchtime dining (that’s if you still have an appetite after enjoying our delicious breakfast!) Many of our local restaurants also provide live music on weekends so eating out is a pleasurable audible, as well as edible, experience.

If you are a foodie looking for a relaxing weekend getaway by the water, then come and stay with us. Leave your car in our car park, settle in to one of our rooms overlooking the water, then take a stroll and check out all the restaurants in this gastronomic paradise.

Charles Street Brasserie

Just on the other side of the street from our Inn is the Charles Street Brasserie, which has romantic views over the Back Creek, especially at sunset. They have an extensive tapas menu and entrees that include the best steaks we ever tasted. They have three outdoor dining areas, one on the second floor and two at yacht level, and a cosy dining room and cocktail bar.

The Lighthouse

The next restaurant you come to is the Lighthouse, a landmark in the town for many years and now a fully renovated dining room and sports bar with outdoor seating overlooking the Back Creek (and with great views of our Inn!) The Lighthouse is great for lunch as well as dinner and has many seafood options, including their “Angry Style” crabcakes, if you dare.

Island Hideaway

Hidden a little further along, behind Carmen’s Art Gallery and at the far end of their car park, is the aptly named Island Hideaway. This restaurant has seen a transformation in the past year or so under the new ownership of the Donaldson family who are dedicated to their craft. Mom Lori makes pasta fresh every day and they slow-roast their meats for the Shepherd’s Pie. Originally they decided not to have crabcakes on the menu but demand has made them change their minds! Their outdoor seating area is delightful, with relaxing chairs and tables where you can sip your cocktails overlooking the water.

Stoney’s Kingfishers

Almost next to the ‘bridge’ that stopped Solomons Island from being an actual island, and next to the Lore Oyster House, is Stoney’s Kingfishers restaurant – the only place in town to serve soft-shell crabs or simply steamed crabs. As you can imagine, this is the place to go for local seafood. They also have a very peaceful outdoor dining area overlooking the water.

Zahniser’s Dry Dock

A little further out of town, but before you get to the Maritime Museum, there are two excellent restaurants. First is the CD Café (ask yourself why anyone would call themselves the seedy café!) However, it is far from seedy and will delight your tastebuds for sure. They have an extensive and innovative menu and make different desserts every day so you never know what to expect. The second is Zahniser’s Dry Dock, which is on the second floor of the Yacht Club – everyone gets a great view, indoors or out.
The walk back to the Inn from here, along the Boardwalk in the evening, will make you think that everything is right with the world. Maybe take a little nightcap on our wrap-around porch and watch the lights twinkling across the water before going to bed.

Book a room

We keep full menus for all our local restaurants in a binder for our guests and we are very happy to offer our guidance as we ourselves often eat out locally. Not all restaurants take reservations but, for those that do, we can book for you in advance if you wish. We can also provide recommendations for those of you who would like to venture further afield and prefer to take a drive. We found a great one in Leonardtown last month and can’t wait to go back when our family come to visit!

It’s easy to book a room with us with either call 410 326 4811 or click ‘book a room’

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